Our Goal

Our goal at Ike’s Tailor Shop is to meet and exceed your expectations.

Call for quotes or any questions:   312-566-0997

Expert fitters on staff Expert fitters on staff

  • Alterations of all types
  • Alterations on woman’s clothing
  • Custom fittings
  • Button replacements
  • Hand made button holes
  • Raise original hem on jeans
  • Zipper replacements
  • Add/Replace lining to trousers or skirts
  • Add handmade pick stitch to suits or sport coats
  • Add patches to uniforms of the Armed Forces, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Postal service, Metra, RTA, and CTA uniforms
  • Shirt tapering
  • Shorten sleeves on shirts
  • Alterations on sweaters
  • Jacket alterations of all types
  • Custom made suits, costumes, and ties
  • Alterations on leather
  • Alterations on fur coats
  • Replace jacket linings

Something else in mind? Please come in with your ideas.

7 responses to “Services”

  1. How much do yous charge to replace zippers on hooded sweatshirts??


    1. Would you be able to stop by our shop or send us a picture via email. It helps us better determine the price.


  2. How much does it cost to hem Mens Pants?


  3. Would you be able to stitch patches on a leather vest, one large & one small? If so what would be the cost?


    1. We can stitch patches on any leather vest or jacket. The price depends on size and shape and if we have to go thru linings or pockets. We have to see the vest and patch for a quote . Thank you


  4. Herine Twaalfhoven Avatar
    Herine Twaalfhoven

    Can you make button holes on the collar of a men’s dress shirt to make ita button down shirt? And what would be the cost to make them? Thank you!


    1. Hello, we do not have the buttonhole machine, so we can’t help you with this alteration . Thank you!


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