Our Goal

Our goal at Ike’s Tailor Shop is to meet and exceed your expectations.

C​all for quotes or any questions:   312-566-0997

Expert fitters on staff

Expert fitters on staff

  • Alterations of all types
  • Alterations on woman’s clothing
  • Custom fittings
  • Button replacements
  • Hand made button holes
  • ​Raise original hem on jeans
  • Zipper replacements
  • Add/Replace lining to trousers or skirts
  • Add handmade pick stitch to suits or sport coats
  • Add patches to uniforms of the Armed Forces, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Postal service, Metra, RTA, and CTA uniforms
  • Shirt tapering
  • Shorten sleeves on shirts
  • Alterations on sweaters
  • Jacket alterations of all types
  • Custom made suits, costumes, and ties​
  • Alterations on leather
  • Alterations on fur coats
  • ​Replace jacket linings

Something else in mind? Please come with your ideas and we will try to make it happen!

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